Saturday, June 25, 2011

Learn how to Make use of Twitter to look for Work

Put aside all of the old-fashioned tips on how to find work: Twitter is the new job search tool.

Have you tried out making use of Twitter to find work yet? You should. Twitter’s really cool.

Especially since they banned #JustinBieber from ever being a trending topic again.

Really though, Twitter is one of the most effective information search and dissemination tools available today. This includes gaining information to people who are searching for a job and are standing out there with the cardboard sign and their smartphone. Yeah, you.

Below are a few tips for using Twitter to find work:

1. Utilize the search function

Don’t say “Duh, ” not everyone knows that. Stop updating about what you’re doing every two seconds and start using the #search #function to it’s #full #capacity. #Winning.

K maybe don’t use it much.

Though there are lots of terms and phrases you can use to search for work on Twitter. Searches that work well are “job opening”, “now hiring”, and “hiring”. Try both with and without hashtags.

#WheresMySugarDaddy is rumored to be advantageous also, though we make no guarantees.

When you’ve came across a number of searches that seem to yield promising opportunities for what you’re looking for, save the searches so they’re easy to check on regularly.

Especially the #SugarDaddy one.

2. Interact with the companies and employers you intend to work for

Make contact with an @ reply to the company you’re interested in or even to the head honcho him- or herself and get to their field of vision. It’s cheap and easy. The @ reply, not the head honcho.

Follow them and keep up to date with what’s going on with the company. They may even follow you back.

In which case…

3. Tweet regularly (but not excessively) about your job field

Intriguing and beneficial facts, stand-out companies and services, tips and tricks, tutorials and how-tos – these are all great bits of information you can tweet either in full or attach links to articles about.

Doing so will show you are invested in your field of work, that you have your finger on the pulse of it and that you know what’s happening in the industry. This can get the attention of the companies and employers you’ve tweeted directly when they visit your timeline to see more of what you’re about.

Attention is good. Unless you’re Boxxy, or Rebecca Black and made the mistake of earning the world’s most hated YouTube video by age 14.

4. Let people know that you’re seeking work

You might be stunned at who can help you out or hook you up with a contact, so be sure to let people know you’re in the market.

Well not, like, in the market, buying dinner. That’s what your Facebook status is for.

5. Make a directory of companies you’d like to work for

Making a list of companies you are interested in will make it easy for you to keep an eye on all of them easily.

Check on your list often to see if there are any new tweets about job openings or hiring events.

6. Link to your other pertinent profiles to point probable employers to them

Be sure you put up a link to your online resume or LinkedIn profile, as well as your blog if it is relevant and ideal to your job search.

7. Use the background of your Twitter account in your favor

The background of your Twitter page actually presents quite a lot of usable space that you can utilize in some way to help your job search, such as maybe including a portion of your resume or a list of your skills, but probably not a wallpaper picture of you dancing on the bar in a fuzzy teddy and bunny ears.

You could also throw something on there to make it clear (but not overly pathetic) that you are looking to find work. Like a picture of you holding your cardboard sign on the corner, Tweeting an @ reply to the head honcho with your smartphone and following the trending #WheresMySugarDaddy.

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