Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fell in Love with Spanish

The Scenario: You are fond of online dating and there’s this girl that you are constantly talking to online. You fell in love with her and you want to get to know her better. And there was a moment that she shared to you one of her favorite Spanish speaking tapes, but the problem is, you don’t understand it. Your first step, learn their language – the Spanish language.

Studying a new language is not an easy thing to do. But there are several ways on how to learn it fast and easy. Spanish videos and audio tapes such as Spanish speaking tapes are easy to find online. Just take it easy and take one step at a time. Learn it on your own pace.

Constantly watch Spanish movies and television shows to practice your pronunciation. There are a lot of sources you can find of Spanish speaking tapes these days. There is no reason of you not to learn it as there are a lot of tools to choose from. And in no time, you will be an expert of the Spanish language.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Exhaust Hoods Are Necessary

Have you ever been to a restaurant with no exhaust hoods? If you haven’t then that is a good thing, and it is actually pretty normal as well. Why? It is because no sane restaurant owner would even think of owning a dining establishment without any exhaust hoods. These things are hugely responsible for helping keep a restaurant clean because they keep the kitchen ventilated. Can you imagine what a restaurant would look like if it did not have any hoods to keep it clean? For one thing, you will feel like you are eating inside a pig kennel because the odor that will come out of the kitchen is going to be quite unbearable to say the least.

A restaurant’s kitchen is where most of the action takes place. This is where all of the food is prepared and cooked. Every day the crew that is working here get exposed to the blood from animal meat, sweat, heat, and oil. So you can sort of make a visual representation of all of the bacteria that teams up in this part of the building. Commercial ventilation hoods are the things that make and keep this area a safe working environment for the entire kitchen crew. It also helps the customers as well so that they will not have to endure smelling rotten fish all the way from the kitchen. Irresponsible restaurant owners will lose a lot of customers quickly if they are made to suffer the errors of your ways.

Commercial kitchens without any commercial ventilation hoods are like baseball players without their gloves meaning they are both incomplete. Try hitting a ball without a bat and you will see what I mean in regards to a kitchen with no ventilation hood. Sure it might cost you a bit to purchase one, but look at the bright side; at least you will not have to worry about your kitchen being substandard because it lacks commercial ventilation hoods.

As far as their designs are concerned, you can purchase and customize a commercial ventilation hood to your liking. You can make it look like a heart or even have it made in the shape of your own face! The choices are all there and all you have to do is be a little bit creative with them. In a nutshell, having these hoods is a must for anyone who is planning to own a restaurant of their own one day.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Planning your big day for wedding photography ease

If you don’t plan to pass up getting significant wedding photos, manage your wedding day and suggest your Denver wedding photographer about the wedding routine. The more knowledgeable your wedding photographer is, the better job (s)he will be able to do. You always want your photographer to be at the right place at the right time.

If you're not sure about steps to make a wedding schedule, or just how long each portion will last, here are some ideas that will help you.

A standard wedding schedule
Segments of a wedding schedule are more or less exactly the same for all traditional weddings. The example given below is for a wedding scheduled to begin at 3: 00 p. m. with a twenty-minute drive to the wedding ceremony site. Adjust your wedding start time appropriately.
11: 30 a. m. Have the bridal party’s flowers sent to your (the bride’s) home. This would include flowers you, the matron or maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, parents and grandparents.
11: 45 a. m. Everybody must be prepared once the wedding photographer arrives at the house where (s)he will take some of the pre-wedding pictures. Time is essential, as the photographer has to get to the ceremony site to set up and take wedding photos of the groom and groom’s party as well the ceremony site. (S)he should finish up and leave around 12: 15 p. m.
12: 00 p. m. Have the flowers for the ceremony site, groom, groomsmen or ushers, groom’s parents, and any other wedding party participants delivered. (NOTE: If the reception is at a different area, flowers for the reception should be dropped off at the bride’s house at 11: 30 a. m. )
1: 00 p. m. The groom, grooms party, parents, and grandparents get to the wedding site. Men should sport boutonnieres, and the women corsages. The wedding photographer takes pictures of the groom, groomsmen, his parents, and grandparents.
1: 00 p. m. The bride, her parents, and bridal party drive to the ceremony site ensuring to bring all required accessories and flowers.
1: 20 p. m. The wedding photographer photographs the bride and her bridal party outside as they arrive at the ceremony site.
1: 45 p. m. The wedding photographer takes wedding photos of bride’s final preparations.
2: 00 p. m. If previously agreed upon, this is the time for all of the wedding photograph combinations to be taken so that everyone will have time to enjoy the reception. (This is highly suggested. ) Of course, this means that the bride and groom agreed to see each other before the wedding.
3: 00 p. m. It’s time for the wedding ceremony to begin. How long the ceremony lasts depends upon the couple’s preference or religious affiliation. Plan for 30 minutes to one hour.
4: 00 p. m. While everyone else goes to the reception site, if you did not have all the wedding photograph combinations taken before, now is the time. Keep everyone together so that the photographer can shoot the pictures in a timely manner.
5: 00 p. m. The reception officially begins when the bride and groom arrive. The wedding photographer will be busy throughout the party.
6: 15 p. m. Whenever you decide to cut the cake, let the photographer know. Also, if there are any unique photographs you want taken, cue the photographer. (This is based on plans you and the photographer made in advance. )
7: 00 p. m. This time is negotiable depending upon how long the reception lasts. Tell the photographer that you are ready to throw the bouquet. That way (s)he will be in place to find the best shots.

Not only will organizing your wedding day help your Denver wedding photographer get all the wedding photos you want, but it will also help make a busy day much more calm. After all, it’s your wedding and you should do whatever you can to be relaxed so that you can enjoy your day.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Learn how to Make use of Twitter to look for Work

Put aside all of the old-fashioned tips on how to find work: Twitter is the new job search tool.

Have you tried out making use of Twitter to find work yet? You should. Twitter’s really cool.

Especially since they banned #JustinBieber from ever being a trending topic again.

Really though, Twitter is one of the most effective information search and dissemination tools available today. This includes gaining information to people who are searching for a job and are standing out there with the cardboard sign and their smartphone. Yeah, you.

Below are a few tips for using Twitter to find work:

1. Utilize the search function

Don’t say “Duh, ” not everyone knows that. Stop updating about what you’re doing every two seconds and start using the #search #function to it’s #full #capacity. #Winning.

K maybe don’t use it much.

Though there are lots of terms and phrases you can use to search for work on Twitter. Searches that work well are “job opening”, “now hiring”, and “hiring”. Try both with and without hashtags.

#WheresMySugarDaddy is rumored to be advantageous also, though we make no guarantees.

When you’ve came across a number of searches that seem to yield promising opportunities for what you’re looking for, save the searches so they’re easy to check on regularly.

Especially the #SugarDaddy one.

2. Interact with the companies and employers you intend to work for

Make contact with an @ reply to the company you’re interested in or even to the head honcho him- or herself and get to their field of vision. It’s cheap and easy. The @ reply, not the head honcho.

Follow them and keep up to date with what’s going on with the company. They may even follow you back.

In which case…

3. Tweet regularly (but not excessively) about your job field

Intriguing and beneficial facts, stand-out companies and services, tips and tricks, tutorials and how-tos – these are all great bits of information you can tweet either in full or attach links to articles about.

Doing so will show you are invested in your field of work, that you have your finger on the pulse of it and that you know what’s happening in the industry. This can get the attention of the companies and employers you’ve tweeted directly when they visit your timeline to see more of what you’re about.

Attention is good. Unless you’re Boxxy, or Rebecca Black and made the mistake of earning the world’s most hated YouTube video by age 14.

4. Let people know that you’re seeking work

You might be stunned at who can help you out or hook you up with a contact, so be sure to let people know you’re in the market.

Well not, like, in the market, buying dinner. That’s what your Facebook status is for.

5. Make a directory of companies you’d like to work for

Making a list of companies you are interested in will make it easy for you to keep an eye on all of them easily.

Check on your list often to see if there are any new tweets about job openings or hiring events.

6. Link to your other pertinent profiles to point probable employers to them

Be sure you put up a link to your online resume or LinkedIn profile, as well as your blog if it is relevant and ideal to your job search.

7. Use the background of your Twitter account in your favor

The background of your Twitter page actually presents quite a lot of usable space that you can utilize in some way to help your job search, such as maybe including a portion of your resume or a list of your skills, but probably not a wallpaper picture of you dancing on the bar in a fuzzy teddy and bunny ears.

You could also throw something on there to make it clear (but not overly pathetic) that you are looking to find work. Like a picture of you holding your cardboard sign on the corner, Tweeting an @ reply to the head honcho with your smartphone and following the trending #WheresMySugarDaddy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

What exactly is Wedding Photojournalism

How would you like to look after your wedding – in photographs, that is? Do you want your wedding photographer taking posed, traditional pictures, or do you want the wedding photographer to seize the wedding “as it happens”?

If you said “yes” to the latter, you may want to take into consideration getting an experienced in wedding photography that also centers on wedding photojournalism.

What is wedding photojournalism?
If you’ve ever seen an old copy of “Life” magazine, you'll see right away what photojournalism is. Simply, photojournalism tells a story by means of images. And that is what exactly wedding photojournalism does – it takes candid and spontaneous wedding photographs of the wedding function.

Consider yourself, the bride, the main story. In wedding photojournalism, the camera is mainly on you and your groom, following you around, snapping photos as the wedding “story” unfolds.

Is wedding photojournalism common?
Wedding photojournalism is very popular. All you need to do is look at many wedding catalogs to see its elegance – wedding photos that really “show the moment. ” Some criticize it as a gimmick, but some firmly disagree.

Here at AmbiSuite we don’t think wedding photojournalism, done right, is a fad at all. It is a photographic style of ‘realism, ’ which attracts a lot of people. As everybody knows, the camera never lies. The final results can be really intriguing, poignant, and sometimes incredibly amusing. Because of the ‘reality’ factor, you can be sure several years from now the wedded couple will definitely be able to relive the moments.

Is wedding photojournalism for you?
How you want your wedding photos taken is a decision for you and your fiancé to make. Nothing is wrong with all the traditional way of taking pictures posed photos. They tell their own story. Years from now the couple can check their wedding photos and see how fresh, charming, and in love they were. There's no wrong way for a professional wedding photographer to capture the celebration.
It truly is a matter of how you want your story told – it's really a personal desire.

What are some of the benefits of picking a wedding photojournalist?
There are numerous reasons why couples tend to hire a wedding photojournalist.
• There are a few wedding couples that don’t want to be bothered posing for traditional photographs. They don’t even want to know the photographer is there as they see it as an intrusion and a bit of a nuisance. They want the wedding photographer to just take the images.
• Traditional photography is time-consuming. Many couples don’t want to take the time to pose, preferring instead to spend all their time enjoying themselves at their wedding and reception.
• Because of this informal approach, some truly unexpected fantastic wedding photos can emerge.
• This style can capture moments of spontaneous intimacy shared between the couple that are very touching.
Are there downsides to the wedding photojournalistic style?
There may be significant drawbacks to the wedding photojournalistic style however. A good wedding photographer will be the first to tell you that the pictures sometimes are not as well lit as traditional wedding photography. Because there is no time to “set up” the shot, some photos may not be in focus, some may be poorly framed, and some of the wedding photographs may be odd or awkwardly composed.

You can have the best of both worlds
There is no reason why you have to decide between a traditional and a photojournalistic wedding style. You can have the best of both worlds.
Using the traditional style, you can have stunning portrait photos, memorable family photos, and pictures of the traditional wedding events, such as the ceremony and cutting of the cake.

With the photojournalistic style, you can have the candid shots telling the story in its own way.

According to Matt, “There are pros and cons for both styles and a good wedding photographer can provide both.”

Speak to several wedding photographers look at at their portfolios to see if they have examples of both styles. This will ensure that you will have your wedding story told the way you wish.

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