Thursday, September 20, 2007


Let’s start with a question for you. At the moment, do you have a thing that really wanted deep inside?

Yeah I know it that you have things that you desire, that you want, that you long for. So what do you do to achieve or get what you want? Some work hard to get it. Even sacrifices a lot just to have it. And there are others with any effort they got it.

Would you agree with me if I say that these things that you want could be achieve with the write attitude and outlook. Well if you’re a person that practices positive affirmation on things that you want. There’s no doubt that you’ll have what you want. Even a simple “I can do it” statement every once in a while could make a change in the flow of result later on.

I have read this way back 2 months ago from the web and I have thought to try this now who knows it might work. Here is how to do it. Write in small pieces of papers things like “I can do it”, “I know it”, “I’m the best” and more stuffs like that. And place that pieces of paper all around your house and thus take time to read it. And if you’re not in the house take time to say the phrases from time to time. And as you continue this your mind is stimulated and thus action follows.

Hence the power of affirmation really is simple yet it is powerful. And hopefully I’ll get what I want at the moment. :)

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