Thursday, June 19, 2008

If I Die Before You Wake

Nationality differences, color or races ain't the issue here. We are made from one Creator. So we should consider each and everyone as brothers and sisters. May the war in Iraq stop and let there be peace. And as for the soldiers and all the resource team deployed there we salute you. Here is music and lyrics in honor to them.

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If I Die Before You Wake

Back home now I know you're probably sleepin'
Over here it's the middle of the day
I finally found the time to write a letter
Sittin' here a half a world away

I heard about all them folks protestin'
As if I really want this war
But that don't stop me from believin'
There's just some things worth fightin' for

And if I die before you wake,
I pray the world will take
A good look at what God's given us
That we could only understand,
everything is in his hands
All we need is a little faith and trust
I want you to know it ain't too high a price to pay
If I die before you wake

Tell everybody that I miss them
And I can't wait to get back home
But until then I'll serve my country
And be proud to wear this uniform

No it ain't too high a price to pay
If I die before you wake

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quotable Quote for Week 3 of June 08'

Happiness can't be found at the end of the road.
It is experienced along the way.
So take not for granted each moment of your life
And find reasons to be happy each day.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quotable Quote for Week 2 of June 08'

A girl is special, created by God
if you praise her she thinks you're lying
if you don't, you're good for nothing
if she talks, she wants you to listen
if you listen, she wants you to talk
if you kiss her you're not a gentleman
if you don't, your not a man
if you agree to all her likes, you are a wimp
if you don't, you are not understanding
so simple
so complex
so weird yet so beautiful
that's a girl...
a non-understandable creature but definitely makes a guy

Rudy Fernandez You'll Be Missed

Rudy Fernandez a.k.a "Da Boy" 1952-2008

Rudy followed his father Gregorio Fernandez a film director onto showbiz. Appearing on tv at a young age of 3 on his first movie Luksang Tagumpay on 1956. He has won 2 FAMAS Best actor awards for action films (Batuigas...Pasukin si Waway, Victor Corpuz). In 2007, FAMAS awarded him the Fernando Poe, Jr. Memorial Award. He also won one FAP Best Actor award for Batuigas.... The Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) bestowed the 2008 Ulirang Artista Lifetime Achievement Award to Rudy Fernandez, at the 24th Star Awards for Movies. He was also the recipient of the Film Academy of the Philippines FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award

All his life was more on the entertainment industry. His previous wife (Alma Moreno) and present wife (Lorna Tolentino) are both on entertainment industry. And including his son Mark Anthony Fernandez is also an actor. Up until he is on the verged of fight with cancer his life was still open to the entertainment world. He really loved this industry, his job, his career, and most of all his fans.

Through all his years on the industry Mr. Rudy Fernandez build good rapport with his colleagues and even made close relation to them up to the extent of being like a brother already. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr., Tirso Cruz III, Philip Salvador, Jinggoy Estrada are the closest friends of the actor.

He had many many fans, supporters. Through his journey, every movie he made, his battle with cancer, and up to the very end. Many fans, supporters, and friends prayed for him. It's sad that his journey here on earth ends now. But the memory of "Da Boy" will still in the hearts of many Filipinos and to those who love him.

May you rest in peace "Da Boy"... You'll be missed.

Here are the list of Mr. Rudy Fernandez's movies:
  • 1956 Luksang Tagumpay
  • 1960 Emily
  • 1974 Patayin Ang Dugong Tirador
  • 1976 Bitayin Si Baby Ama
  • 1976 Wanted: Agad-Agad
  • 1977 Makahiya at Talahib
  • 1977 Alfredo Lim: Sa Kamay ng Ibabaw
  • 1977 Gameng
  • 1978 Bilangguan Walang Rehas
  • 1978 Teteng Salonga ng Tondo
  • 1979 Maynila
  • 1980 Tatak Angustia
  • 1980 Sa Init ng Apoy
  • 1980 Pader at Rehas
  • 1981 Pepeng Shotgun
  • 1981 Ulo ng Gapo
  • 1981 Lukso ng Dugo
  • 1982 Tres Kantos
  • 1982 Bagong Boy Condenado
  • 1982 Mga Pambato
  • 1982 Get My Son Dead Or Alive
  • 1982 Kumander Elpidio Paclibar
  • 1983 Sumuko Ka na Ronquillo
  • 1983 Kumusta Ka na Hudas?
  • 1983 Alex San Diego: Alyas Wanted
  • 1983 Kunin mo ang ulo ni Magtanggol
  • 1984 Idol
  • 1984 Sarge
  • 1984 Tulisang Dagat
  • 1984 Kriminal
  • 1984 Somewhere
  • 1984 Pasukuin Si Waway
  • 1985 Anak ng Tondo
  • 1985 Bilang na ang Oras mo
  • 1985 Baun Gang
  • 1985 Tatak Munti
  • 1986 Tatak ng Yakuza
  • 1986 Deadly Target
  • 1986 Teritoryo Ko Ito
  • 1986 Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa!
  • 1987 Vigilante
  • 1987 Victor Corpuz
  • 1988 Tubusin ng Dugo
  • 1989 Ipaglalaban Ko
  • 1989 Sandakot na Bala
  • 1990 Ayaw Matulog ng Gabi
  • 1990 Kaaway ng Batas
  • 1991 Bingbong The Vincent Crisologo Story
  • 1992 Kahit Buhay Ko
  • 1992 Kamay ni Kain
  • 1992 Markang Bungo: The Bobby Ortega Story
  • 1993 Kung Kailangan Mo Ako
  • 1993 Tumbasan mo ng Buhay
  • 1994 Nagkataon Nagkatagpo
  • 1994 LAGALAG: The Eddie Fernandez Story
  • 1995 Matimbang Pa Sa Dugo
  • 1995 Markang Bungo 2: Iligpit Si Bobby Ortega
  • 1995 Kuratong Baleleng
  • 1996 Itataya Ko Ang Buhay mo
  • 1996 Wag na Wag Kang Lalayo
  • 1997 Ayos Lang Pare ko!
  • 1998 Birador
  • 1999 Gintot Pilak
  • 2000 Palaban
  • 2000 Ping Lacson Story
  • 2002 Diskarte
  • 2002 Hula mo Huli ko


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reasons for sleeping and waking up early

Evening at 9 - 11pm: is the time for eliminating unnecessary/toxic chemicals (detoxification) from the antibody system (lymph nodes). This time duration should be spent by relaxing or listening to music. If during this time a housewife is still in an unrelaxed state such as washing the dishes or monitoring children doing their homework, this will have a negative impact on health.

Evening at 11pm - 1am: is the detoxification process in the liver, and ideally should be done in a deep sleep state.

Early morning 1 - 3am: detoxification process in the gall, also ideally done in a deep sleep state.

Early morning 3 - 5am: detoxification in the lungs. Therefore there will sometimes be a severe cough for cough sufferers during this time. Since the detoxification process had reached the respiratory tract, there is no need to take cough medicine so as not to interfere with toxin removal process.

Morning 5 -7am: detoxification in the colon, you should empty your bowel.

Morning 7 - 9am: absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, you should be having breakfast at this time. Breakfast should be earlier, before 6:30am, for those who are sick. Breakfast before 7:30am is very beneficial to those wanting to stay fit. Those who always skip breakfast, they should change their habits, and it is still better to eat breakfast late until 9 - 10am rather than no meal at all.

Sleeping so late and waking up too late will disrupt the process of removing unnecessary chemicals. Aside from that, midnight to 4:00 am is the time when the bone marrow produces blood. There, have a good sleep and don't sleep late.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quotable Quote for Week 1 of June 08'

Those who thank God
even in trials turn the burden into blessings.
So keep your faith close to your heart
and God shall provide the comfort you need.