Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Warning Signs for Cancer

Cancer is one of the hardest and deadly condition to have in once body. We all know cancer cells are present on our body. But yet this cancer cells are so minimal that couldn't do any harm and would then be just engulfed by our bodies warriors when this abnormal cells tries to multiply and spread.

So here are the warning signs for cancer. I just want to spread out so that many could know and be aware. It comes in an abbreviation CAUTION US

CAUTION US by the American Cancer Society

Warning signs for Cancer

C Change in bowel or bowel habits.

• Changes in stream/flow of urine or its color and amount

• Changes in the caliber and color of stools

• Presence of blood in stools

• Difficulty in urination and defecation.

A A sore that does not heal.

• Skin irritations are usually self limiting. It changes in the skin and underlying muscles take time to heal, it is recommended to have it examined.

U Unusual bleeding or discharge.

• Unusual discharges in the breast, for non-breast feeding women.

T Thickening or lump in the breast or elsewhere.

• Skin and underlying tissues should normally be smooth to touch. Unusual lumps or thickening need to be examined closely.

I Indigestion and difficulty in swallowing.

• This could be explored further by interviewing the client to assess for associated events.

O Obvious change in wart or mole.

• Warts or moles are circumscribed cutaneous discolorations to skin elevations that should not increase in size, nor ulcerate.

N Nagging cough or hoarseness in voice.

• Evaluate for symptoms related for persistent cough and its quality (dry, hoarse, productive)

U Unexplained anemia

• Monitoring the hemoglobin levels of suspected clients is important.

S Sudden weight loss.

• Awareness and monitoring of changes in body weight is a common warning sign.

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