Sunday, September 30, 2007


For a regular healthy diet, it is recommended that of the total calories eaten, no more than 30% should come from fat. However, certain diseases and medical conditions can make it difficult for the body to tolerate even that much fat, so a low-fat diet may help people with these conditions. Such conditions include gallbladder disease, malabsorption of nutrients, and fatty liver.

A study conducted last 2006 shows little evidence that following a low fat diet reduces the risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, or even heart disease. Still the best way to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease is to have a regular mammogram and screening for colorectal cancer as well as having regular check-up with a doctor. And just include in the diet low in fat and cholesterol.

What foods are high in fat?

  1. Dairy foods (whole milk, ice cream, creams)
  2. Fatty red meats
  3. Butter is not only high in fat, but saturated fat as well
  4. Oils are fat, although some may have lower saturated fat.
  5. Egg yolks, which are particularly high in cholesterol.
  6. Cheese
  7. Processed meats (sausage, salami, hot dogs, bologna)

What are some foods that are low in fat and better to eat?

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Fish and shellfish
  4. Cereals, rice
  5. Pasta
  6. Nuts and seeds
  7. Vegetable oils are preferable to butter

But I suggest, the best way to reduce risk of diseases and to have a healthy lifestyle, have a well balanced diet, control weight, and have a regular exercise.

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Nicola said...

Yes I agree an all round healthy life style is the best way to reduce the risk of disease and ladies please be aware that reducing fat intake too drastically can have a profound effect on your moods.