Friday, September 21, 2007

The Perfect Love Potion

Do you believe in love potions? They say when a person has this love potion and put it in the drinks of the person they like that person would fall in love with him or her. How desperate is that. Yeah I know. But there are people who do this. But the question here dues it really work? I guess not, even the genie of Alladin doesn’t have the power to make people in love.

But what is it really in the body that makes us feel in love. Is it the heart because it beats hard when your in love. Or is it the brain who signals the all the body organs and system to develop reaction when your in love.

Let me share this information with you. The perfect love potion is really the Dopamine and Serotonin in the body. If this two is increased and instead of going to the hypothalamus they went into the limbic system so thus would make you feel in love. So if really you would like to make a perfect love potion mix this two up.

So the saying “I love you with all my heart” isn’t correct now, eh? It’s not the heart that controls when you fall in love with someone. It is the Hypothalamus.

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