Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Testicular Cancer

One of the concerns of the people today is having cancer. A disease that is deadly. Cancer cells that are rapidly dividing in result thus form a tumor. The only cure for this is therapy like chemotherapy or radiation. Well these therapies have a bad side effect to the body. Let’s take chemotherapy for an example. It’s a therapy that destroys those rapidly dividing cells (as explained earlier cancer cells divide rapidly). But not only cancer cells are rapidly dividing cells in the body. There are other rapidly dividing cells in the body which is normal. That’s why you observe to people who under goes this therapy they go bald.

Well talking of cancers let us talk about testicular cancer. A cancer that is common among teenage to early adulthood in males of course. What are the concerns of most men here is that will their sex drive or should I say libido be affected? To tell you frankly no it doesn’t affect at all as long only “one” testes is only removed. And besides you still got another one to provide you with hormones. So guys don’t be afraid. You’ll still enjoy one of your physiologic needs which is sex. Another concern is will they be sterile? Again no if only “one” testes is removed. The other testes will compensate for the removed one.

And here is the good news guys’ testicular cancer is easily curable and lesser risk to metastasize.

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