Saturday, October 27, 2007


When was the last time you cried? Let me ask you that question. Was it about the pain that you felt or a joy of happiness that struck you? Crying could be on two things it may be that you’re happy or it may be that you’re sad. But why do people cry? Is it a form of a regression to infanthood that when we cry we feel comfortable that we do that? Or is it a defense mechanism of a person so that he or she would be the center of attention?

I do cry also sometimes. They say boys don’t cry? Nah! It’s because real men admits that they cry. Honestly at this very moment I’m at the peak of crying but I don’t want to. I just feel bad that’s all. I just think that if I cry for this matter I accept defeat. I’m not helpless I have people around me to hold on to, it’s not that I’m dependent to them. Come on! No man is an island after all. Right?


Javi said...

hah! I never cry. At least not in public. :)

tsiken said...

just this morning, dog died! =((