Thursday, October 4, 2007

Desperate Housewives Apologized

Recently there is an issue with regard to the scene on one of the episode of desperate housewives that had insulted Filipino Professional Doctors. By this scene it had putted a black marked on the Filipino doctors. Thou we all know that this is just a show. But there are many people watching the show. And it could be an insult to all the Filipino people.

After the episode was launched many had protested to the matter and wanted an apology for the damage done.

Today the ABC had wrote a statement apologizing to what the show had brought. But then many claimed that the apology was sour and wasn’t meant. Well what more could it be that they want. The damaged has been done. And many had already had putted that on their minds what Filipino Doctors are.

But I think blaming Teri Hatcher seems inappropriate also because she is just following what the director and writers putted on the script. And who’s to blame if she is fired from work because she didn’t followed what was written on the script. Would you be responsible for expenses she will be spending if she is fired? So quit blaming Teri. And just blame the production staffs; writer, director of the show and ABC.

Tell you what; to all Filipinos you don’t need to ask from them any more than a mere apology. Because that wouldn’t change anything at all. Because as what I’ve said the damaged has been done. So here were you will stand now Filipino Doctors. It all lies on your hands to stand up and show the entire world what FILIPINO DOCTORS are. Show them that you had earned your degree and that you know what you are doing. And do it with all your best. Don’t let any show destroy you, your name, your, profession, and most importantly your knowledge. And who knows ‘maybe’ Filipino Doctors, are more BETTER than their doctors.

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