Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vein Strain

Crossing your legs may be the most popular way of developing varicose veins (those purplish knotted veins found at the skin’s surface, usually behind your calves). Veins become varicose when their valves (Tiny flaps which help bring the blood up to the heart) malfunction. When this happens, gravity takes its course and the blood fails to get pushed up. “Your blood is somewhat trapped and remains stagnant, thus distending the veins,” says Dr. Valerie F. Gosiengfiao-de Vera (chief resident of dermatology, University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital). Here are ways to improve your blood circulation:

  1. WORK OUT. Physical activity helps the blood in your legs to flow, so get a move on.
  2. CHOOSE YOUR SHOES. Avoid high heels when you can. Low-heeled shoes don’t strain your calf muscles as much, which is better for your veins.
  3. TAKE A BREAK. Be mindful. If you’ve been standing too long, sit down. Or vice versa.
  4. LOSE WEIGHT. Being overweight puts pressure on your legs, causing a strain on circulation.
  5. UNCROSS YOUR LEGS to avoid distended veins. This relieves pressure in your legs.

SOURCE: marie claire, March 2006

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