Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Year

years end is about to come. Are you prepared for the new years challenges await you?

There are many preparations for the New Year.
For the
Chinese it’s the year of the Earth Rat. On the ads now a days are lucky charms. There are many kinds that must be placed in a specific place in the house. This is to attract good luck.

Are you in to this also? That’s our question to all of you. Isn’t it in that it’s really our action dictates what would be the result be. Right? And another thing our prayer and faith to our Lord God is what would really matter.

So mixing prayer and action would result to a good outcome later on. Prayers would help us strengthen ourselves because God would be with us, at the same time it’s our food for our soul for us to be motivated and healed, added to this are our own actions. Because how would our wants be in our hands if we won’t do something about it.

So this is what we the Sound would suggest to all of you. Pray right with Faith and do your part also. Get some action, move that muscle.

Good Luck on the Upcoming Year!


Fahriee said...

Can't believe 2007 is almost over. I do agree that actions dictate the results..and if you want something, you gotta work hard for it. Oh well, whatever it long as you do the right things, everything will be alright. Have a great New Year! :D

footiam said...

Say a prayer is a good way to start the year. It makes life meaningful and gives hope. When I went to Ipoh Old folks home (if you were to check my post Christmas Eve and Christmas present at, a monk says that if you are sick, you have to take medicine. You can't just pray for the medicine to work. I think we eat the medicine and pray.