Monday, December 17, 2007

Tribute To You Granny

Everybody has accepted the fact that not all of us will die together. Right?

Well as for me I lost someone so dear to me. It’s my grandmother; she passed away at the age of 87 years old just hours ago. And she died of stroke. It was her first stroke actually.

There is fathers-girl, papas-boy etc. Well for me I’m a Lola’s-boy. I grew up with her. I just got separate from her when I was about going 4 years old. So I can say the attachment is genuine.

And every summertime or a long break from class. She would fetch me at our house and bring me back to her on another city. When I’m at her care there are rules to be followed; like we all know as a child we love to go out and play with other kids. But for her I can’t go out if I don’t sleep. She’s very strict I tell you that. But later on in life I recall due to that being strict I got to be more disciplined and focus on the goals I’m aiming. That’s one thing I thank my “Neneng”.

I couldn’t forget all the character and attitudes that she has showed me. It was all goodness and out of love.

Now that she had passed away. I’ll be certain I would carry all the traits and teachings that she had taught me. I know it would be for a more better me later on.

And the thing that I would not certainly forget is that to be a God fearing person. As her favorite saying goes “ I PRAY THE LORD, TO GUIDE MY WAYS”

And my message to her would be, “Where you are now Neneng. I would like to say to you again thanks and we love you very much. I’ll certainly miss you. But I’m sure you’ll be happy at the kingdom of GOD, in heaven”.

"My prayers are with you."

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Merqury said...

Sorry about you grandma. I know how it feels too. I pray for her too today. Hope everything will be normal for you.