Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Caffeine Affects Diabetic Persons

Here’s an update with regards to our article about coffee . Last January 28, 2008 yahoo health posted an article about caffeine being harmful to those people with diabetic illness.

In a small group of 10 diabetics, glucose levels rose by 8 percent when participants took pills filled with the level of caffeine found in four cups of coffee.

"There's reason to believe that caffeine consumption -- and coffee is the most common source of caffeine -- may be harmful to people with type 2 diabetes and make it more difficult for them to keep their glucose levels under proper control," said study author James Lane, a professor of medical psychology at Duke University.

While our recent post about coffee speaks about the good effects of coffee for women who are on reproductive years. This contradicts the new found effect of coffee to diabetic clients. So they have conducted a research that on 10 patients with diabetes who are coffee drinkers. They will not take insulin for 72 hours and they will alternate drinking a cup of coffee and placebo. They will be examined through a small sensor putted on their stomach with the patients consent of course.

This research is aimed to know whether caffeine disrupts the body's ability to process blood sugar or it prevents diabetes on pregnant women. But the result will not yet be available until the month of February. So we will just update all of our readers on the result.


swag said...

LOL. This is what's so wrong with medical reporting and how the public reacts to it. People have zero understanding of the scientific method and statistics.

So some conclusion drawn from a flawed study of only 10 people gets spread among millions telling them to change their habits.

Retards, all of us, for lending any credibility to these stories without having the skills to analyze what it really means.

dyosa said...

hmmm...i'm interested to know what they'll come up with. will be waiting for the update.