Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Robber and the Spam

Yesterday Mrs. Sound’s cousin arrived from Guam for her wedding this month. She decided that she would spend the night over Mrs. Sound’s house. With out further ado Mrs. Sound accommodated her cousin with a nice dinner and cool drinks. While her cousin was busy watching some photo albums, she was up fixing the room for her cousin.

Mrs. Sound and her cousin went to sleep early because of a busy day. So off they go to their respective rooms. While they were sleeping soundly, there was something that was busy. Busy of what you may ask. Busy tampering the door locks and sawing the grills of one of the window.

Yes I’m talking of a thief. Last night Mrs. Sound’s house was robbed. And guess what the robber robbed. A DVD player, a wallet full of money and a can of SPAM! WTF! A can of spam you’ll get after successfully entering the house with nobody there but the two of them at that night. Why not get the 28 inch TV or the painting on the walls which he could sell. A can of spam? Whoa! I’m not saying that when you broke unto someone’s house is good. But my point is, why steal that can of spam when it can give you extra luggage in escaping? I pity the robber.

Morning came and Mrs. Sound and her cousin was surprised of what they saw and called me (well I’m away ). So I told her to call the police and file. And so she did. Well it’s good that my girl Mrs. Sound is safe. That’s all I asked and thanked for. But she’s still shaky of what had happened. So I’m the one who’s writing.


JMom said...

Wow, that's scary. It's a good thing the thief just went away with his loot and not bothered the ladies. It's just creepy, the thought of having a stranger in your house.

On a lighter note, re. the spam, maybe he was hungry? :)

mr.sound and mrs.sound said...

Yeah I know it's creepy considering that my girl is there. And I wasn't there. We're glad that our watch dog was barking so loud that night maybe that's the cause of the thief to rattle and went away immediately. But in any case the thief can't go inside our masters bedroom cause it's triple lock there.:)

Margaret said...

How bizarre! The robber must have been on drugs or hungry.


Theron Gibbons said...

Usually when thieves steal money and small items like food specifically, it is because they are hungry, and cn see no other way to meet their immediate needs than to steal. Let us hope this person finds a better way to fill their bellies than stealing, SPAM especially. Nothing good can come of eating canned meat. :)