Friday, March 28, 2008

Smorty - get paid to blog

While I am writing this web review, there are more than 1.3 billion internet users and there are about 112.8 million blogs worldwide over the net 2. This means that a big fraction of net users utilize the net to blog.

Hope for bloggers who like to get paid to blog and for advertisers who aspire to expand their scope of ads. Smorty is the perfect site for advertisers and bloggers alike to connect and expand both their sites.

Smorty’s services for advertisers and bloggers are exceptionally excellent. The advertisers get to increase the sites in which there products and such would be promoted. This is particularly possible through the bloggers. While bloggers create reviews and opinions on their respective blogs, the advertisers get to advertise on these blogs.

To advertise on blogs, it is a prerequisite to put them on select and top quality blogs. This is where Smorty comes in. This site helps advertisers to look for good blogs in which their products will be advertised. Smorty sorts out first-rate and good blogs from those that are low in quality and are less likely to be approved. This is done to ensure the top quality blogs in which the advertisers will promote their products, that is. Bloggers have enough attempts and chances to improve the rejected articles.

Smorty is a very beneficial and helpful site, most especially in this period of time where there are really incalculable net users that utilizes the web to make money.

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MoonLae said...

Smorty, Smorty, Smorty everywhere.
Is this a paid post?I'm planning to register there.Have a nice day!