Friday, April 18, 2008

Unprofessionalism by Health Care Providers in the Operating Room

The video below will show you how a person with a high degree acts so very unprofessional. They were laughing, giving jokes, and even documenting the operation to the helpless patient who is sedated and don't know what is happening around him. They were laughing because the man had a can of body spray stock on his asshole. It is said that it was inserted by someone whom he had sex the other night. Well I'll skip the details about that. Coz' that's not the issue. The issue is why the health care providers whom the patient entrusted his body to this operation would do such a thing.

We (mr.sound and mrs.sound) belong to this profession also. We recently became registered nurses. And as a newby to the world health care team, I think this kind of attitude or action isn't acceptable by any means! Review your code of ethics you arrogant piece of shit (I'm referring to the persons involved). Patients entrust their lives to us health care providers, because they know we will take care of their ailment while they are sick.

"to do no harm",
All the medical staff who were present and did laugh and gave jokes to the patient did violate this. Harm in the sense that they made fun of the person. Making fun of someone could hurt someone also. What if you were the one lying on that table and don't know what on earth will happen next and all around you is laughing at you.

"Patient confidentiality",
Consents are very important in medical field. Before you do an invasive procedure you need to have a consent from the patient or someone with a mature mind if minor/unable. Consents is needed to have documents of the procedure or you would like to document any piece of the body removed from that patient. I remembered before when I was on my practicum years on the hospital my classmate was told by the surgeon that he should ask permission first before taking a picture of a small cyst that had been remove from the patient left armpit. See even a small cyst you should ask a consent from the patient. Because that is his/her property and you should RESPECT the right of the patient.

I just wanted to point out even though I'm new I think everybody should know this. Patient seek help to health care providers because they know you can be trusted in the sense of confidentiality and doing your job well. We should act our roles well and be guided by our ethics. Remember it is our license, our degree and most of all our patients lives on the line. So don't make fun about lives, you could jeopardized everything that you'd work hard for and even destroy a life.



desperate blogger said...

in every profession or work, there just comes a time or a moment that what you're doing or attending too is just so "funny" you can't help yourself but laugh.

i assume that the medical staff who attended to that patient found the situation funny and they just can't help but laugh. by laughing, i don't think the patient's life was out in danger.

i just just know that a lot of "likewise" incidents happen in hospitals all over the world but the difference is this incident was videotaped and published. now "that" is not right.

by videotaping and publishing the surgical procedure the medical staff was put in a compromising position and the patient's privacy was challenged.

the real culprit is the person who videotaped and published the incident.

mr.sound and mrs.sound said...

Fun and work are things to be looked up. We must be serious in the work that we attend to. I agree with you that the situation is funny. And we could or might laugh or smirk out of it. I don't know if you had watched the whole clip. But towards the end the main surgeon opened the body spray and enacted like spraying to himself and to the people around him. Just laugh on the situation and not initiate any other show to laugh at. They don't pity the patient. I'm sure before he subjected his self to the hospital it was all shame wrapped on him. And the hurting that I'm talking about even though the life is out of danger but consider the patients self esteem it could be badly wounded due to this. Do I make any sense?

And yes the culprit is the one who documented and uploaded it. But as a surgeon you are the head of that room. You have the right to scold and stop the documenting because in the first place you know it is not right.

And to all those who laughed and added some degrading words, or actions should review their code of ethics and better watch their manners. They are professionals they should act as one.

Mina said...

I've watched this in YouTube and I barely could speak how in the world those "professionals" made fun of someone who's on the operating table? Surely, hospitals aren't even safer these days with the power of media and unwarranted invasion of privacy.

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