Monday, August 11, 2008

Quotable Quote for Week 2 of August 08'

In your life, you'll make note of a lot of people. One's with whom you shared something special. Who'll always mean something. There's the one you first kissed, the one you first loved, the one you'll put on a pedestal,
the one you're with right now... And the one that got away. That person with whom everything was perfect, but the timing was just wrong. No fault in the person, no flaw in the chemistry, but the cards just didn't fall the right way...


Coffee_Ping said...

why so emo? :(

card might not fall the sequence we always wanted
but when u meet the sweetie pie u like, go ahead and eat her! XD

well, happy blogging :D

Melissa said...

visiting and reading your post here. thanks