Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Antenna Broken? Or simply Smart Broken?


Since Monday I haven't got any internet connection. So Mrs. Sound is the one updating and doing some works on this site. I called my internet provider to ask what was the problem (that was Monday night right after a while I lost my connection). They told me that my antenna receiver is broken. Hhhhmmm? Oh okay problem accepted maybe due to the thermal heat brought by the summer sun. They told me that they will file a report and then someone will call me back later to tell me the details.

So they called now it's Tuesday early in the A.M, I'm telling you very early that they even woke me up at the verged of my rapid eye movement of sleep. Specifically it was around 1:32 A.M in my watch. They told me that a technician would come here and fix my antenna after 24hours. And so I'm gonna call my Tuesday a day

And now it's Wednesday tic tac tic tac tic tac. 24 hours is finished. I waited here at my house for some technician to come by and go to our roof to fix the antenna receiver. It was now passed 4 in the afternoon and still no sign. I decided to call the customer service again to check if they will come and if it is confirmed that they will come. They said YES just wait for the technicians because they work 8am to 8pm. Wow till night they work. Okay good I'll wait.

I noticed the sun is down already and I decided to stroll around the subdivision. I asked fellow neighbors with the same internet provider as mine if they have connection because my "ANTENNA" is broken. They said NO since Monday night. Oh okay trace was also Monday night that I lost connection. And guess what is the cause of their problem. Same as mine also. Okay seems like an coincidence.right? So I went on with my strolling and stopped at a house with the same internet provider as mine, but we have the same problem also. 3 broken antennas at the same time? Now what a coincidence. So I go on and on to other houses with the same internet provider as mine. And still we had the same problems reported back to us by our provider. This seems not right. So I called them again. And they said "We have a checker which would indicate that you have a broken antenna on your home." Wow all of us had broken antennas. I'm not satisfied.

So I decided to check things out myself. I went to their portal on the web with my own account used of course and checked. I was surpirsed!!! My account is deactivated. How could this be. I pay regularly the bills that they send me. But why?!?! What a nasty way of service. Just pissed off. 2 days of no internet connection yet this would still show up on the bill and they will charge it to me on the next pay. And the really bad thing is no one came. Not even a shadow of their technician. tsk.tsk.tsk. And for their tech online on the customer service some checker on the antennas huh? Smart Broken!tsk. tsk. tsk.


shurikenstuff said...

The moment I see this post my Blood pressure went automatically high, why? coz this Fu**ing Internet Provider (kunu)has left a bad service to my end. The thing with them is they promote to the 'widest' and when u see the actuals, the PRODUCT simply SUCKS, i cursed them for several weeks because I paid for this thing and what did i get? FUC*ing BAD service, curse SmartBro, I hate them, mga manloloko tapos ung customer service nila mga walang offence pero that's the truth, mag-GLOBE ka na lang...Smart, Simply DECEIVER, paxenxa na pero kasi i understand ur situation

Marie said... I'm having seconds thoughts whether I'd go for this service or not.. :D

Anonymous said...

Go Mr. Sound! You should have asked for some refund or 50% off on your monthly bill... just tell them or else you would want to have the line disconnected... because that's what customers do to us in call centers, the manager and us agents have to keep them happy--- sad to say that might not work as planned and you'll have no internet connection, in which case would be a very foowee situation! hehehe I like the new look of the site!

julia-aquino said...

in contrary, i'm happy with smart bro, no downtime ever since ;)

(i think i'm one of the few)

Anonymous said...

no your the only one

Anonymous said...

First Method
1.) Go to Control Panel –> Network Connections. Hanapin mo yung connection ng SmartBRO Canopy, normally Local Area Connection.
2.) Once na nahanap mo na, right click the connection and select Properties.
3.) Under sa This connection uses the following items:, double-click yung Internet Protocol TCP/IP.
4.) Set your IP address to, and subnet mask to
5.) Click OK, and close all windows.
6.) Open your internet browser, we prefer FireFox, and type in sa address bar, this will take you to the Canopy MS.

Note: If this doesn’t work, probably your Canopy MS is blocked, or has been set to use a nonstandard IP address. This is where method two comes in.

Second Method
1.) Follow steps 1-3 from the first method.
2.) This time, set your IP address to, and subnet mask to

The following steps will help you identify your Canopy address, if ever nagbago na ung IP niya (hindi na

3.) Open the ms-dos command prompt. (on your start menu, select run, and type ‘cmd’)
4.) Enter the following command: arp -a. It will display IP addresses connected to your network, look for the IP address beginning with 10 (, this is your Canopy address. Note that i-disregard niyo lang ung ibang IP addresses, as wala naman tayong pag-gagamitan, and your Canopy address is not the one with
5.) Close command prompt and open your web browser (use FireFox) and enter your Canopy address sa address bar (

So, that’s basically it. Napasok mo na yung Canopy page mo without any hassle. May nakausap akong technician once, sabi niya para makuha mo yung exact canopy address mo, akyatin mo bubong mo tapos tanggalin mo yung antenna, hanapin mo yung sticker, then convert the numbers into hexadecimals to get the IP. Rolling Eyes

Now, to maximize your internet capability, go to the Canopy page –> Configuration –> Quality of Service QoS. Make sure na walang values set to 256, if ever meron, set that to 500.

Also, select Enabled dun sa Hi-Priority Channel.

Good luck! Kung maganda connection mo, this should take you way beyond your bandwidth capacity, like 500-750kbps. Make sure na jitters is below 5, and di aabot ng 1.5 miles yung air distance mo sa base station.

Search Engine Optimization said...

Aside from the complex physical connections that make up its infrastructure, the Internet is facilitated by bi- or multi-lateral commercial contracts (e.g., peering agreements), and by technical specifications or protocols that describe how to exchange data over the network. Indeed, the Internet is essentially defined by its interconnections and routing policies.

As of December 30, 2007, 1.319 billion people use the Internet according to Internet World Stats. Writing in the Harvard International Review, philosopher N.J. Slabbert, a writer on policy issues for the Washington, D.C.–based Urban Land Institute, has asserted that the Internet is fast becoming a basic feature of global civilization, so that what has traditionally been called "civil society" is now becoming identical with information technology society as defined by Internet use. - web design company, web designer, web design india

mr.sound and mrs.sound said...

Sa nag comment #6 na annonymous. Thanks sa tips. But I'm having seconds thoughts on trying this out. Baka my risk na involve e. Pero thanks pa rin dude or gal.hehehe!annonymous e!

Best regards!

Anonymous said...

I think smart bro is a bad implementation of a good technology. What makes it worse is that their technical people does not really understand it. So, they cant really help us. I think the problem lies with their routing and the TCP/IP (how the internet transport data). TCP/IP contains routing protocols like ICMP, IGMP and OSPF. The net is like a road network with a router in each intersection to direct and manage traffic. Each router maintains a table of directions so that it knows which router it needs to pass the data. I also tries to find shorter paths whenever possible. If it finds a better path, it overwrites the old path in the routing table and uses new one. If the address is not found in the routing table, it sends the data to all routers that it is connected to and waits until one data finds the correct address and retraces its path. the shortest path is added to the routing table. The net doesn't get saturated because each data is stamped with a TTL(time to live) that diminishes with each router jump. A data discarded by a router once its TTL ran out. Brilliant, isn't it... IF THE CONNECTIONS ARE HARDWIRED WITH CABLES. But smart bro uses wireless technology based on CELLULAR technology, a Switching Technology. Imagine this, Routing depends upon each router knowing which other router it is connected to, while cellular technology depends on each client unknowingly switching between tower control. This way, data tends to be delivered to the wrong router, and most data gets lost or ran out of their TTL b4 they find their destination. Ping times or latency (time it needs for a single data to be sent and return )suffers.

Anonymous said...

PING, Latency... That's what they can talk about if you call costumer service...

Slow connections... Go figure it out...

Their routers have a habit of getting confused... But which routers? I have no idea.. but neither do they... else they would have done something about it.

Now, Ask NTC if it is legal to aggressively market their flawed technology. And worse, they tie they costumers to a one year contract..

Isn't that a bit like a highway robbery?.. Looks like one to me....

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